Paul Sampson is a Maine artisan with decades of woodworking
experience. He handcrafts his oyster, fish, and shrimp wooden platters one at a time. Paul handpicks each board based on unique characteristics and details. He shapes and carves to accentuate the natural beauty inherent in the wood. Every platter is born from a single piece of wood and will vary in color and carving.

Paul, a true lover of seafood, quickly discovered the fragility of china and glass while dining among the elements. He decided to design a platter that he could use in the wild, whether on the sea or in the woods. From here, the oyster platter, Paul's first vision, came to life. 

The platters' shape echoes that of an oyster shell. Carved indentations hold each oyster securely. The wells are designed to eliminate the need to nest the shells in mounds of salt or ice (although there is plenty of room should you choose to do so). Paul's oyster platters come in two sizes: half or full dozen. Each is equipped with a leather strap so it can be hung or displayed on a wall. 

All platters are treated with a food-safe finish. Always hand wash and dry. Periodically apply board balm when wood feels dry to the touch.