Oyster platters are beautiful and stand alone as a functional work of art.

Artisan Oyster Platters

These hand crafted oyster platters are a perfect way to showcase oysters on the half shell. 

Paul Sampson, a Maine artisan with decades of woodworking experience, shapes several species of wood into serving platters accommodating either 6 or 12 oysters.

Paul hand selects each board, carefully paying attention to its unique characteristics. He shapes the board to accentuate the natural beauty inherent in the wood. Each platter is from a single piece of wood, and will vary slightly depending on the selected wood. Carved indentations hold each oyster securely. 

The shape and size of the oyster wells are designed to eliminate the need to nest the oyster in mounds of salt or ice (though there is plenty of room should you choose to use them!).  

The platter's texture echos that of an oyster shell. 

Choose either a half dozen or full dozen platter.

The platter comes with leather lace so it can be hung on the wall.
Hand wash and dry. Food-safe finish


 Paul carving oyster platter

Paul carving oyster platter

Care & Maintenance -
Periodically ( depending upon the use), apply an even coat of butcher block cream made from bees wax and mineral oil to all surfaces of your wood oyster platter.
If needed clean your oyster platter by wiping all surfaces down with mild dish soap and water. Dry. DO NOT wash your oyster platter with harsh detergents of any type.  DO NOT put oyster platter into dishwasher.
Cream can be purchased from Oyster River Joinery.